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VisionPlus Membership

Its time you focus on what matters

VisionPlus Membership

Elevate your eye care with exclusive discounts, advanced treatments, and personalized service - all in one simple membership.



Essential Membership for 1 year

A Comprehensive Eye Exam



$130 off and 20% off remaining


Included single vision and bifocal. Discounts on Progressives


$130 off

Lens Treatments

40% Off

Eye Health Products

10-20% Off

2 Complementary Treatments then 15% off additional

Dry Eye & Aesthetic Light Treatments



Advantage Membership for 1 year

A Comprehensive Eye Exam



$150 off and 25% off remaining


Included single vision and bifocal. Discounts on Progressives


$150 off

Lens Treatments

50% Off

Eye Health Products

20-40% Off

2 Complementary Treatments then 25% off additional

Dry Eye & Aesthetic Light Treatments



Premium Membership for 1 year

A Comprehensive Eye Exam



$180 off and 30% off remaining


Included single vision and bifocal. Discounts on Progressives


$180 off

Lens Treatments

60% Off

Eye Health Products

25-50% Off

2 Complementary Treatments then 40% off additional

Dry Eye & Aesthetic Light Treatments

Detailed Membership Discounts

Eye Exams

Complimentary yearly eye exam for active members


  • Essential: $130 off and 20% off the remaining balance

  • Advantage: $150 off and 25% off the remaining balance

  • Premium: $180 off and 30% off the remaining balance

* Member can use discounts for either glasses or contact lenses but not both within the same year


Included Lenses: Single Vision Lenses (Polycarbonate) and Bifocal Lenses (No Polycarbonate).


Discounts on Progressive Lenses:

  • Base Progressive (No Polycarbonate):

    • Essential: 40% off

    • Advantage: 55% off

    • Premium: 65% off

  • Middle  (No Polycarbonate):

    • Essential: 30% off

    • Advantage: 35% off

    • Premium: 50% off

  • Most Advanced (No Polycarbonate):

    • Essential: 20% off

    • Advantage: 30% off

    • Premium: 40% off

Lens Treatments

Polycarbonate, Saphire AR, Rock AR, Easy Pro AR, Easy AR, Sharpview AR, Transitions, Blue Light filter, Polarized, Mirror Flash, High Index, Prism:

  • Essential: 40% off

  • Advantage: 50% off

  • Premium: 60% off

Contact Lenses

Discount towards order of contacts:

  • Essential: $130

  • Advantage: $150

  • Premium: $180

Contact lens fittings and exams

  • Essential: $70 Off. Follow ups included

  • Advantage: $90 Off. Follow ups included

  • Premium: $143 Off. Follow ups included

* Member can use discounts for either glasses or contact lenses but not both within the same year


Lenses with AR (Anti reflective)

  • Essential: 1 year on frame, 1-time replacement on lens within the year

  • Advantage: 1 year on frame and lens

  • Premium: 1 year on frame, 2 years on lens


  • Bruder Mask:

    • Essential: 10% off

    • Advantage: 20% off

    • Premium: 25% off

  • MacuHealth:

    • Essential: 20% off

    • Advantage: 40% off

    • Premium: 50% off

  • Lens Cloth and Cleaner with Exam: Included for all members

Eye Health Scans

  • Yearly Tear Film Analysis: Included for all members

  • Yearly Meibography: Included for all members

  • Yearly Glaucoma Scan: Included for all members

  • Yearly Macular Degeneration Scan: Included for all members

Lumenis OptiLight Treatments

  • Introductory Treatments: 2 Treatments included for all new members

  • Additional Treatments:

    • Essential: 15% off

    • Advantage: 25% off

    • Premium: 40% off

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The VisionPlus membership is a discount program offering three levels of savings on eye care services and products at our practice. Here's what you need to know:

    • It's a membership program, not insurance

    • Members receive discounts on frames, lenses, and select services

    • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments for dry eye and skin care are available at reduced rates for members

    • Higher membership levels offer greater discounts

    • Pay an annual fee to access members-only pricing


    Our goal is to make quality eye care more affordable for our patients through exclusive discounts. Remember, this program is separate from and not a replacement for vision insurance.

  • No, the VisionPlus membership discount can only be applied to either contacts or glasses, not both. When you use your discount, you must choose between contacts or glasses for that year. This ensures you get the best possible savings on your preferred eyewear. If you have any questions or need assistance deciding which option to use your discount for, our staff is available to help you make the best choice for your needs.

  • Joining VisionPlus is simple and straightforward:

    • Online Enrollment: Visit our website and go to the VisionPlus membership page. Select your preferred membership level and follow the prompts to complete your registration. You'll need to provide some basic information and set up your annual payment method.

    • In-Office Registration: Stop by our office, and our friendly staff will help you join VisionPlus. You can choose your membership level, provide the necessary details, and set up your payment right there.

    • Contact Us: Have questions or need help? Call us or email our team at We're here to guide you through the membership sign-up process.


    Remember, VisionPlus is a discount membership program specific to our practice, not an insurance plan. When you join, you're gaining access to exclusive discounts on our services and products.

  • The VisionPlus membership program offers discounts on many of our services, but it's important to understand its limitations:

    • Medical Eye Care: VisionPlus discounts do not apply to medical eye treatments. Services for conditions like red eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other medical eye issues are not included in our discount program. These should be addressed through your medical insurance.

    • Routine Vision Care: While we offer discounts on routine eye exams and vision correction options (like glasses and contact lenses), VisionPlus is not a substitute for vision insurance.

    • Cosmetic Treatments: We do offer member discounts on certain cosmetic treatments like IPL for aesthetics.

  • No, there's no waiting period for your VisionPlus membership discounts. Here's what you need to know:

    • Immediate Access: Once you join and your payment is processed, you can start using your VisionPlus discounts right away.

    • Same-Day Savings: If you sign up in our office, you can apply your membership discounts to purchases made that same day.

    • All Discounts Available: You'll have immediate access to all discounts in your chosen membership level.

    • No Restrictions: There are no time-based restrictions on when you can start saving.

  • Yes, you can change your VisionPlus membership level. Here's what you need to know:

    • Timing: You can switch membership levels at any time, but it's best to do so before using your discounts on major purchases or services.

    • Cost Adjustment: When you change membership levels, we'll adjust your annual membership fee. If you're upgrading, you'll pay the difference. If downgrading, we'll apply a credit to your account for future use.

    • Process: To change your membership level, simply contact our office. Our staff will assist you with the switch.

    • Effective Date: Your new membership level and its associated discounts will take effect immediately upon processing the change.

    • Unused Discounts: Any unused discounts from your previous membership level won't carry over to the new membership level.

  • Yes, we offer a family option for VisionPlus memberships. Here's how it works:

    • Family Discount: When multiple family members join VisionPlus, each additional member receives a $12 discount off their annual membership fee.

    • Individual Memberships: Each family member still has their own individual membership and can choose their preferred level.

    • Full Access: Every family member enjoys the full range of discounts associated with their chosen membership level.

    • Flexibility: Family members can be on different membership levels based on their individual needs.

    • Easy to Manage: We'll help you set up and manage all family memberships together for your convenience.

  • We've streamlined the payment process for your VisionPlus membership to make it as convenient as possible:

    • Payment Platform: We use GoCardless, a secure and reliable payment processing service, to handle your VisionPlus membership fees.

    • Monthly Billing: Your membership fee is charged on a monthly basis.

    • Automatic Payments: Once you set up your payment information, GoCardless will automatically process your monthly fee, ensuring uninterrupted access to your membership benefits.

    • Secure Transactions: GoCardless uses advanced security measures to protect your financial information.


    Key points to remember:

    • Your first payment will be processed when you sign up for VisionPlus.

    • Subsequent payments will be automatically deducted on the same date each month.

    • You can update your payment information at any time by contacting our office.

    • If you need to cancel your membership, please inform us before your next billing date.

  • Yes, you can cancel your VisionPlus membership, but there are important factors to consider:

    • Cancellation Request: You can request cancellation at any time by contacting our office.

    • Notice Period: Please provide at least 5 business days' notice before your next billing date.

    • Services and Purchases: If you've received any services (including eye exams) or purchased any products using your VisionPlus discounts within the last 6 months, the following applies:

      • You'll be responsible for paying the difference between the discounted rate you received and our standard non-member rate for those services (including eye exams) and products.

      • This difference must be paid before the cancellation can be finalized.

    • No Recent Usage: If you haven't used any VisionPlus discounts for services (including eye exams) or products, you can cancel without additional charges.

    • Active Membership: Your membership remains active until the end of the current billing cycle.

    • No Partial Refunds: We don't offer refunds for partial months.


    Key points to remember:

    • Eye exams are considered services under this policy.

    • There's no cancellation fee, but you may need to pay the difference for recent services (including eye exams) or purchases.

    • Any products obtained with VisionPlus discounts are yours to keep after cancellation.

    • You're welcome to rejoin VisionPlus in the future if your needs change.

  • Using your VisionPlus membership discounts on frames and lenses is easy:

    1. Browse and Choose: Select your preferred frames and lenses from our wide selection.

    2. Mention Your Membership: Let our staff know you're a VisionPlus member when you're ready to make your purchase.

    3. Verify Your Membership Level: We'll confirm your membership level in our system.

    4. See Your Savings: We'll apply the discounts associated with your membership level to your purchase.

    5. Enjoy Your Discounted Price: The discounted total will be reflected on your bill at checkout.

  • Your VisionPlus membership provides access to advanced eye health scans at no additional cost. These cutting-edge diagnostic tools are a key feature of your membership:

    1. Tear Film Analysis: Assesses tear quality and quantity to aid in dry eye management.

    2. Meibography: Examines meibomian glands to help prevent evaporative dry eye.

    3. Glaucoma Screening: Uses advanced imaging for early glaucoma detection.

    4. Macular Degeneration Screening: Employs Zeiss OCT technology to monitor macular health.


    Key points to remember:

    • These scans are available to all VisionPlus members as part of their membership.

    • There's no extra charge for these scans when recommended by your eye doctor.

    • Your eye doctor will determine which scans are appropriate based on your individual needs.

    • Access to these scans is a valuable feature across all membership levels.


    VisionPlus is a membership program designed to enhance your eye care experience and make advanced diagnostic tools more accessible. While these scans are included in your membership, remember that VisionPlus is not an insurance plan.

  • Yes, we're excited to offer a warm welcome to new VisionPlus members with an exclusive introductory offer:

    • IPL Treatment Package: As a new VisionPlus member, you'll receive two complimentary IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments.

    • These treatments can be used for dry eye relief or aesthetic enhancements like reducing fine lines and improving skin tone.

    • The IPL package is available to all new members, regardless of membership level.

    • You can schedule your treatments at your convenience within your first year of membership.


    Key points to remember:

    • This offer is for new VisionPlus members only.

    • The complimentary treatments are in addition to your regular membership features.

    • Our staff will guide you on how best to use these treatments based on your individual needs.


    This introductory offer allows you to experience one of our advanced treatments and see firsthand the value of your VisionPlus membership.
    To redeem your complimentary IPL treatments or learn more about how they can benefit you, just mention this offer when you visit our office or schedule your next appointment.

  • VisionPlus membership enhances your eyewear protection with membership level-specific warranties on frames and lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coating:

    Essential Membership:

    • Frames: 1-year warranty

    • Lenses with AR coating: One-time replacement within the first year


    Advantage Membership

    • Frames: 1-year warranty

    • Lenses with AR coating: Unlimited replacements within the first year


    Premium Membership:

    • Frames: 1-year warranty

    • Lenses with AR coating: 2-year warranty


    Key points to remember:

    • These warranties are a feature of your VisionPlus membership.

    • Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase.

    • Lenses must have AR coating to be eligible for the warranty.

    • Normal wear and tear is covered; loss or theft is not included.

    • Always bring your eyewear to our office for warranty service.


    These warranties provide extra value and peace of mind with your eyewear purchases as a VisionPlus member. They ensure that issues with your AR-coated lenses or frames are addressed promptly according to your membership level.


    To make a warranty claim or learn more about your coverage, simply visit our office with your eyewear and mention your VisionPlus membership.

  • No, VisionPlus membership discounts cannot be combined with vision insurance plans. Here's what you need to know:

    • Separate Programs: VisionPlus is a discount membership program, not vision insurance. It operates independently from any insurance plans.

    • Choice of Use: When visiting our practice, you can choose to use either your vision insurance OR your VisionPlus membership discounts, but not both for the same product or service.

    • Flexibility: You're free to use whichever option provides you with the best value for each specific purchase or service.

    • Non-Insured Items: VisionPlus discounts can be especially valuable for items not typically covered by vision insurance.


    Key points to remember:

    • Always inform our staff whether you'll be using your vision insurance or your VisionPlus membership before your appointment or purchase.

    • VisionPlus is not a replacement for vision insurance; it's a separate discount program exclusive to our practice.

    • If you're unsure which option to use, our staff can help you understand the costs and benefits of each for your specific needs.


    This approach ensures you're getting value from your chosen program while maintaining the distinction between VisionPlus membership and insurance plans.


    If you have any questions about how to best utilize your VisionPlus membership or your insurance, please don't hesitate to ask our staff. We're here to help you make informed decisions about your eye care.

  • If you need assistance or prefer not to use online methods, you can always contact our office. Our staff will help you access and update your account information.

  • For more information, you can visit our office, call us, or email our support team at

Lisa M.


"Joining VisionPlus was a no-brainer for me. I save a bunch on my glasses, and they do this dry eye test that's included. It's nice knowing I'm taking good care of my eyes without breaking the bank. The folks at the office are super helpful too - always happy to explain things when I have questions. Definitely worth it in my book!"

Emily W.


"I went for the premium tier of VisionPlus, and I've got to say, it's been a smart choice. The money I save on my glasses is fantastic - I could go for the really nice frames and lenses without wincing at the price tag. And those eye health scans they do each year? They're pretty high-tech. Makes me feel like I'm staying on top of my eye health. I'd say it's worth every penny."

Sarah T.


"I signed up for VisionPlus and wow, what a difference! I bought some seriously cute frames which I love. But the real surprise? Those free IPL treatments they threw in. My eyes don't feel as tired anymore, and I swear the skin around them looks better too. It's like I'm getting pampered every time I go in for my eye stuff. Didn't expect all that from just joining a membership program at my eye doctor's!"

Lumenis OptiLight

Discover the advanced benefits of our OptiLight system! This cutting-edge technology offers effective treatments for dry eye syndrome and aesthetic enhancements, such as reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture. Experience the latest in eye care and rejuvenation.

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