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We accept almost all vision plans and offer out of network options

Maximizing Your Benefits

Let us help you put those benefits to use

Accepted Vision Insurances

  • VSP

  • EyeMed

  • Spectera

  • Superior

  • Davis

Accepted Vision Insurances

  • Medicare

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue shield

  • Cigna

  • UMR

  • UHC Medicare & VA

Accepted Vision Insurances

  • Humana

  • United Healthcare Commercial

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Financing with Care Credit

Care credit allows patients to receive services immediately and then make small monthly payments that are affordable and easily fit within your budget. Apply for Care Credit here

Accepted Vision Insurances


Vision Service Plan (VSP) is a vision plan which offers patients the ability to schedule an eye exam and purchase frames or contacts periodically along with finding the best eye care professional. Check your eligibility at

EyeMed/Blue View

EyeMed is a vision plan which can include a comprehensive eye exam, discount on glasses or contacts depending on your plan type. Check your benefits and coverage for more details at


Spectera offers a vision plan which that provides patients with eye exams along with a complete set of eyeglasses or contacts depending on the patients plan. To find out more about your individual benefits visit

Superior Vision

Superior is a managed vision care plan that provides comprehensive eye exams along with benefits for glasses and contacts for patients and their families. Log in to see what your benefits are :

Davis Vision

Davis Vision is also a managed vision care plan that provides comprehensive eye exams along with benefits for glasses and contacts for patients and their families. Log in to see what your benefits are :

Vision Insurance

Accepted Medical Insurances


Medicare is a federal health insurance for people 65 and older. Patients can use their medicare for eye exams when they are experiencing a medical problem such as dry eyes, itching eyes, and blurred vision.


Aetna offers people with health insurance along with vision and other plans. Patients can use their coverage to visit eye doctors if they are experiencing a ocular condition.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a health insurance plan provider. Patients with BCBS are able to use their coverage for medical problems related to the eye that include red eyes and painful eyes for example.


Cigna is a global health service and insurance company that offers different types of coverage depending on the patients plan. 


UMR (United Medical Resources) is in a health insurance provider specifically but rather a third-party administrator. It is meant to provide assistance to different health insurance plans.

Medical Insurance
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Out of Network Benefits

Many insurances offer out-of-network options. We will work with your insurance provider in order to maximize your benefits. Call us today and ask about how we can help

Whats the Difference in Vision vs Medical Insurance?

A vision plan is not the same as medical/health insurance. A medical insurance plan guards you against financial loss from eye related issues such as injuries or disease. Vision insurance is a benefit package that is designed to provide you with routine exams along with reduced prices for vision correction devices such as glasses and contacts. 

What is a Routine Exam?

A routine exam is given when you come in for updates in your vision without any medical problems. As optometrists, we are able to provide patients with comprehensive medical eye exams as well as routine vision eye exams for patients who have no eye related disorders. 


Depending on the results of your exam along with the requirements of your insurance company, our billing experts will file with either your vision or your medical insurance.


We accept all major credit cards as well as: 

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Debit Card

  • Apple Pay

  • Android Pay

  • Care Credit

Questions? Call us (770) 227-2924

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